Saturday, January 26, 2008


I need to say something special
to each and every poetic friend,
before it slips my mind.
Each and everyone of you
is a jewel
in life's sparkling crown,
a rare and precious find.
Although, our lives and homes
may change
as we grow from young to old.
I predict
that our friendship will never die,
for it shines like pure gold.
Never feel that you are all alone
on life's endless sea.
No matter what the years may bring,
you'll always find a friend in me.
Your poetic words are sweet, warm, and dear.
Words that tell me what is in your heart
when we share a laugh, a cry, and a dream.
Words that mean so much,
even though we are many miles apart.
I may never see an angel near
on sad and lonely days
to be my guardian light,
to lift my soul,
and help along the way.
But, I'm sure God hears our prayers
as he sends through Heaven's door
someone who believes in us,
and that's what friends are for...

Copyright 2001
Geri Ahearn
(Life's Poetic Journey)

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