Saturday, January 26, 2008


The old garden is where I long to be,
a place I belong,
it's my life.
Something new is just not the way,
not the same it once was.
The garden of yesterday
is where I want to go.
Something new is just not for me.
The old garden is filled with laughter
from our children, and from our friends.
Old memories
of days gone by still hang in the air.
Memories of joy, tears,
and happiness we've shared
through all those years.
Memories of youth, and of growing old,
echo long into the night.
Memories of our family tree
still linger there.
This new garden doesn't blossom,
like the garden I used to know.
There are no sweet aromas, no sounds,
thoughts are not the same.
My mind wanders off into a deep trance.
I wonder why I moved,
leaving so much behind,
who did I do it for?
Only the aroma from the old garden
can put the sweet scent back into the air.
I remember the people who made that garden
as fragrant as a fresh rose.
There's nothing like that sweet scent anywhere.
The old garden
is where our memories stay,
and there's nothing to compare.

Copyright 2001
Geri Ahearn
(Life's poetic Journey)


I always wonder where all the butterflies are going
when I see them high up in the sky flowing
with a rainbow on their wing
as they head for their yearly fling.
I gaze at the beauty of their wings as they flutter,
while I listen to the sounds of people as they mutter.
I begin to realize how beautiful butterflies are
as I watch them fly their travels so far.
They journey for their mating flights,
while they fly with sorrows and delights.
They wheel and sweep over the mountain top,
dazzling me without a stop.
Creating a rainbow iridescence bright
in their dazzling, dancing flight.
Whither the winds of my thoughts blow,
they carry me up, and they carry me down
with their sparkling, colored rainbow.
I know they will quickly pass away
at the very end of today,
but the colored hues will return in spring
on those wondrous days to make my heart sing.
The rainbow will once again be on the wing...

Copyright 2001
Geri Ahearn
(Life's Poetic Journey)


I need to say something special
to each and every poetic friend,
before it slips my mind.
Each and everyone of you
is a jewel
in life's sparkling crown,
a rare and precious find.
Although, our lives and homes
may change
as we grow from young to old.
I predict
that our friendship will never die,
for it shines like pure gold.
Never feel that you are all alone
on life's endless sea.
No matter what the years may bring,
you'll always find a friend in me.
Your poetic words are sweet, warm, and dear.
Words that tell me what is in your heart
when we share a laugh, a cry, and a dream.
Words that mean so much,
even though we are many miles apart.
I may never see an angel near
on sad and lonely days
to be my guardian light,
to lift my soul,
and help along the way.
But, I'm sure God hears our prayers
as he sends through Heaven's door
someone who believes in us,
and that's what friends are for...

Copyright 2001
Geri Ahearn
(Life's Poetic Journey)


I Welcome Poets, Writers, and readers to my new Blog here. Whether you are a Poet,
or someone who loves to read poetry. ALL are welcome. My aim in developing this
Blog is to make a place for ALL of us to hang-out in when it's time to get rid of
the Stress.
A place to bring peace & comfort. A place to make friends, and a place to
become inspired. Many moons ago, I worked for AOL on a Writing site known
as AIN. Amazing-Instant-Novelist---better yet, it was a place where new writers
became inspired, pros displayed their Masterpieces, and where I met many friends
who were writers--and today years later moved on for different reasons--but through their journey became authors of one or more books. One of those writers
was me. It was where I got experience-feedback & inspiration to move up the ladder
& make dreams come true. I began there as a brand New Rookie---took my try
at Poetry----made mistakes--but learned a great deal with the help of those pros.
A Few years later--I wanted to inspire others--so I began working there as
LDRSNOVLHEART. Through those years--while I continued to learn myself--
I encouraged many to have their work published. What I learned there was
worth Gold to a writer--not to mention some of my dearest friends I met there
are now treasures in Friendship.
Then it seemed everything there we built drifted away. A family
& friends that had a Great Time every moment we spent--memories cherished-
but finally it became a ghost-town for many of us & so we moved on.
Today--the purpose of me Creating this Blog is to provide the
same atmosphere as I once enjoyed so much. So...sit back--Relax---and most
important--Enjoy. God Bless to ALL!
Cheers, Geri