Saturday, January 26, 2008


I always wonder where all the butterflies are going
when I see them high up in the sky flowing
with a rainbow on their wing
as they head for their yearly fling.
I gaze at the beauty of their wings as they flutter,
while I listen to the sounds of people as they mutter.
I begin to realize how beautiful butterflies are
as I watch them fly their travels so far.
They journey for their mating flights,
while they fly with sorrows and delights.
They wheel and sweep over the mountain top,
dazzling me without a stop.
Creating a rainbow iridescence bright
in their dazzling, dancing flight.
Whither the winds of my thoughts blow,
they carry me up, and they carry me down
with their sparkling, colored rainbow.
I know they will quickly pass away
at the very end of today,
but the colored hues will return in spring
on those wondrous days to make my heart sing.
The rainbow will once again be on the wing...

Copyright 2001
Geri Ahearn
(Life's Poetic Journey)

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