Saturday, January 26, 2008


I Welcome Poets, Writers, and readers to my new Blog here. Whether you are a Poet,
or someone who loves to read poetry. ALL are welcome. My aim in developing this
Blog is to make a place for ALL of us to hang-out in when it's time to get rid of
the Stress.
A place to bring peace & comfort. A place to make friends, and a place to
become inspired. Many moons ago, I worked for AOL on a Writing site known
as AIN. Amazing-Instant-Novelist---better yet, it was a place where new writers
became inspired, pros displayed their Masterpieces, and where I met many friends
who were writers--and today years later moved on for different reasons--but through their journey became authors of one or more books. One of those writers
was me. It was where I got experience-feedback & inspiration to move up the ladder
& make dreams come true. I began there as a brand New Rookie---took my try
at Poetry----made mistakes--but learned a great deal with the help of those pros.
A Few years later--I wanted to inspire others--so I began working there as
LDRSNOVLHEART. Through those years--while I continued to learn myself--
I encouraged many to have their work published. What I learned there was
worth Gold to a writer--not to mention some of my dearest friends I met there
are now treasures in Friendship.
Then it seemed everything there we built drifted away. A family
& friends that had a Great Time every moment we spent--memories cherished-
but finally it became a ghost-town for many of us & so we moved on.
Today--the purpose of me Creating this Blog is to provide the
same atmosphere as I once enjoyed so much. So...sit back--Relax---and most
important--Enjoy. God Bless to ALL!
Cheers, Geri

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