Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Vietnam War Began 3/2/1965

This Poem "A Lonely Soldier's Lullaby" Was written in 1998, in Memory of All those
who Served in the Vietnam War. I wrote it After working as a Student Nurse in the
Veterans Hospital in Northport, Long Island, New york. In 1995, After I began a
writing career, Poetry was my first craving. I had a burning desire to tell the World
about the Era of the 60s---especially 1968--The year that Rocked America!
This Poem is dedicated to my Classmates of 1968. Prior to Reuniting with my Class
of 1968 for my 30 year class Reunion. The Memories of this era & what the Babyboomers
were forced to face encouraged me to Dedicate Poems to the world--in the USA &
International. This is for Brentwood High School--Class of 1968--Long Island, New York.
This is for ALL Those who served in the Vietnam War, all those who gave their lives,
and for the families who suffered a loss. I intend to keep a Special Candle burning
in Memory for our American soldiers, their families, and the affects upon All babyboomers
of the 10 year war--Vietnam!

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