Sunday, February 24, 2008

Candle In The Wind

There's an eternal flame of love
for Princess Diana,
a love that I can see.
A fire felt by the young, and old.
A burning fire
from affection deep within our souls.
Her tragedy crossed our path,
but a radiant feeling
in our hearts will forever last.
We must take time to see
that keepers of the flame
is what we must be.
She's a true legend who will outlive
the last fading light of the universe.
A lovely rose
who wanted so much to grow,
with enough radiance
to steel the show.
One single rose of beauty,
no other flower could compare.
A special woman
who showed the world how much she cared.
We should not forget Princess Diana,
especially since we've drifted apart.
The eternal flame of love
began at midnight,
a flame that will never burn out,
and will always remain in our hearts.

C 2001 Life's Poetic Journey

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